Friday, February 15, 2008


Natalia Iguiñiz teaches painting at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and received her Bachelor’s degree from there as well. Her paintings and photographs have exhibited throughout Peru. She also works as a graphic designer for many non-profit organizations in Lima. She has exhibited in Spain and the United States.

Claudio Jiménez Quispe is a "retablista" (an artist who makes traditional wooden display boxes which depict Catholic scenes) from Ayacucho. He was born in the village of Alcamenca, which means “community working in stony earth” in Quechua. He is the son of the noted Ayacuchan retablista, Florentino Jiménez Toma and has exhibited widely in Peru and in the United States. At the age of 15, he won two national competitions in folk art.

Alfredo Márquez studied architecture and urbanism at the University of Ricardo Palma in Lima. He has been an active member of several Lima-based art collectives, such as Bestiarios/Bestias (1984-87), Taller NN (1988-91) Made in Peru (1992-94) and Perufabrica (1999-2003), mixing desi gn, drawing, photocopy, silk screening and painting. He has exhibited throughout South America and has participated in the Havana, Lima and Cuenca Biennials.

Eduardo Tokeshi studied architecture and urbanism at the Federico Villareal National University and art at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, where he also taught art history. He has exhibited widely in Europe, Japan and the United States and has collaborated with dancer Dana Tai Soon Burgess. His illustrations and graphic design work also frequently appear in the Peruvian cultural and literary magazine, Etiqueta Negra.


Adrian Arias said...

Ann tu documental es una brillante manera de mostrar la realidad social de una época histórica en el Perú a través del arte y sus hacedores, Bravo!

remedios said...

Vi el documental en una de las presentaciones que hicieron en lima. Me gustó muchísimo, quisiera saber si va haber alguna otra presentación (lima) o si hay alguna manera de conseguirlo en dvd.

Raul said...

Por favor, vuelvanlo a pasar en Peru, en la universidades, debemos seguir gestando conciencia, que esta no se pierda y vuelvan a ocurrir los hechos.

Kreuzberg-Jakob said...

Interesting ! It's important, to know about the social and politic circumstances in other parts of the world! This is globalization!
In Europe we have indeed a foggy image of Perú ! The 80s was the era, when Reagan's world-war program was on duty - the 1st Gulf (Iraq-Iran) war, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Pakistan civil-war, the war on las Malvinas, many Latin-American countries were in trouble then ...... our interests focus was on other trouble spots! Although we had (and still have) Peruvian refugees here, and especially in the 80s travelled a lot of people from here to Perú as tourists, we don't really know about the life there!
I don't know why! Probably because of the difficulties to understand the domestic politics and its frequently changing.

eduardo said...

Este documental me ha parecido extraordinario, felicitaciones a este exitoso documental, lleve a mi hija de 15 años que quiere seguir arte como carrera, y esto fue mas alla de lo expectado!! Buenisimo!

T-Time said...

What a great insightful video about these particular artists' backgrounds, motivations, processes, and sociopolitical messages. I was fortunate to have Ann talk about and show the video to my Cultural Studies students at Otis College of Art and Design.
Dr. Tiff Graham

Chadd Chuck said...

Hi! Here is my site about our explorations in Peru. Let's trade links?